Field Trip

We attended our first field trip of the school year today. I like to make the time to volunteer for these excursions for many reasons.

1) I like to drive my gal and her friends to the destination. It is always hilarious the mixture of personalities in this confined space. Today was no different. The three put headphones on and acted like they were rocking to cool jams. Then they made up songs (some a little too silly to repeat) and played I-spy. (It was a 20 minute drive). The giggles alone are such a Hoot! They are deep, to the gut, serious giggles.

2) It is away to get to know the teachers, class friends and other parents. I finally can put a name to all the little faces that come along with all the great school tales.

3) It is always fun to explore something new (or familiar) in our town that we haven’t explored just yet. It is fun to see it through little eyes too!

We went to the NC Arboretum.

As for the Arboretum, it is in the Bent Creek Neighborhood west of Asheville, just off the parkway. We have ridden our bikes in and around Bent Creek and a bit on the Arboretum trails. It is beautiful. What we haven’t done is walk, at a leisurely pace, the grounds and exhibits. I really enjoyed all corners of the Arboretum. The flowers, greens, sound of the late rising birds and the warming fall sun are a delight to the senses. I am looking forward to sharing this place with family and friends. If you are in the Asheville/Buncombe County area, this is worth a morning, afternoon or full day. Pack a picnic. Enjoy the flowers and the sunshine. Share it will family and friends alike!

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As for the Sip and See, it was really a fantastic time. The company was full of great conversation, laughs and encouragement. The food was a spread to make your mouth water. Along with the Chili, Gingered Butternut Squash Soup, and Orzo Green Bean Salad there was slurp-a-lish meatballs, roasted sweet potatoes with caramelized red onions and Crumbled Blue Cheese (yes, they were as delicious as they sound), spicy hummus served with sweet potato chips and, of course, the Skillet Apple crisp. (Sorry folks, no photos of all the activity. In the future, I promise to designate a photographer! The company was so good I did’t stop to take record it!). It is a pleasure to share in friendship and food!


(Oh, and check out my new Jade!)


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