Catch it if you can

I seriously have tried to capture some of the most breathtaking scenery that I have seen this past week. I sit there and take it in and on camera it looks dull. I so badly want to share with you some of the magic but until I sack up and buy a real camera I am afraid you will just have to take my word for it. Or, find your way to the Blue Ridge Mountains in the next few weeks and you can see for yourself!

It really is starting to unfold its brilliance. Although, there is still plenty of time. We have had several trips back and forth on the parkway this week (dental appointment, beer hour, walking for pure pleasure…). Each day something has changed. Yesterday was by far the most magical. We had to be at my daughters dental appointment at 7:30 am. We take the parkway to get there (it is south asheville, we are north). The fog and clouds were hanging low in the meadows and on the mountain tops. There was just enough sunlight peaking over the mountain that it made the color on the trees dramatic and timeless. (I had to remind myself that we were on a time schedule, otherwise I would have lingered as long as possible.)

There is one particular stretch on Ox Creek, the road that takes you from Reems Creek to the parkway. The section is just before you turn the last curve to make you way onto the BRP. The trees are tall and towering. No matter what time of day you drive through it is just absolutely beautiful!!

And you know, thursday is usually our Highland Brewery night. This thursday was no different! You also know that I am always trying to make the afternoon/evening efficient for all of those involved. No, there is no fancy CrockPot Ragu this time but we did manage to pack a picnic consisting of warm food for us (and other kids around) to share. (Side Note: Our little gal had to have a couple of cavities filled yesterday. She did SOOOO great. Such a serious process for a 4 year old but she rocked like a rockin’ band rock start! She chose the dinner for the picnic…) I made up a large batch of Spaghetti and had some leftover meatballs. We  served it with Fresh, Raw Red Peppers with crackers and hummus on the side. It worked really well. We adults got to drink the special on tap beer brewed with beets for a pink color to honor and raise money for Breast Cancer awareness month!! This wheat beer is actually really tasty. Earthy, as you would imagine but not too bitter.

We have family in for the weekend, more birthday parties to attend and some biking, hiking and general outdoors activities to maintain! Have yourself a lovely time! Enjoy the beautiful weather!



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