Getting Closer

(Photos used from East Fork Farm website)

We have been hopping around to all the farmer’s markets the past couple of weeks now that our CSA is complete. It is really nice to reconnect with the community, talk to the local farmers, as well as watch miss thing strut her stuff in front of the music stand! We also have been discussing how we would like to connect with farmers in our neck of the county for future CSA possibilities. Thinking that maybe we can cause less stress on mother nature from all the driving back and forth, as well as show our support for the agriculture in our neighborhood.

We loved our CSA and the farm connection at Flying Cloud Farm. It was a great farm to get our feet wet for learning and experiencing a true CSA. However, they are located South/East in the county while we are due North. Occasionally, the drive after a long day (while beautiful and peaceful) would become a bit of a chore. This is not the farms fault. I chose the farm pick up strictly for the pleasure of connecting with the vegetables, wednesday pick up and summer entertainment for my daughter! It worked!

So now, we are learning and finding that there are comparable farms right over the ridge! There is an organic vegetable farm with CSA in Barnardsville (literally over the ridge) and a Poultry and Lamb Farm in Marshall which have eggs, as well as the scrumptious protein (15 minutes west of Weaverville BUT on the way to the river!). Plus, I met a really nice lady at the farmer’s market today that has eggs, lamb, turkey and beef. We are trying the eggs out this week and her lamb chops Saturday night when Erin and Andy come to town!! (Just a preview Bug!)

I do think we will start a small garden next summer to supplement what the box doesn’t provide for canning and freezing. We do eat ALL the vegetables usually in a week from the box. Our grocery bill was nearly void and we were extremely healthy!

When you have some time take a look at these websites for a couple of the local folks and their labor of love…

East Fork Farm

Ivy Creek Family Farm



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