A coloring and doodle book

The best book ever! This was a gift to our daughter about 2 years ago that we shelved until she was old enough to appreciate it. We pulled it down, dusted it off and packed it in the travel bag. Yes, we had a portable dvd player to help on those longer rides but, seriously, she was in this doodle book a majority of the time. The best part, we barely put a dent in it even after two weeks of doodling.

Look here for a peek at the inside

The gist: It is black and white print, basic instructions on how to complete the picture and from there you let your imagination go wild.

For example, on one of the pages there is a print of a crane. Instructions are to draw something heavy for the crane to hold. Out of the beautiful 4 year old mind she drew the earth on one crane and an elaborate tree on the other. From there we discussed many things heavy that the crane could hold.

It was school on wheels. We dubbed the van and our travels “the school of briere.” This book opened up many conversations and good brain exercises!

Where is your imagination running off to? Thinking of the holidays? Planning any trips of your own? Or simply basking in the warmth of your home and family?

Wherever your imagination is, I hope it is running wild!



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