Chill and Wind

What do you do on a windy, chilly day?

See what our household does?

The wake up call this morning by RCB was a little tap, sweet kiss and an order:

Get up! It is time to make pancakes! So up we went to make pancakes, press some coffee, fry the bacon and cook the eggs. A little early on the weekend breakfast but this was a celebration of being back home in our own kitchen! Once that round was cleaned we got a sourdough starter going, the pumpkin steaming for pie puree and seeds cleaned for roasting. I am deciding which pumpkin recipe I should try first.

Will sit by the fire sipping tea for a bit while I scour recipes. Then a pie will be baked followed by some sourdough bread this evening.

Taking baking on with full force!

If the recipes turn out good I will make sure to share them with you!!

Happy Chilly day to you!



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