laying around the house

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I have wondered for YEARS what this beautiful pottery crock’s purpose is.

Since we have been playing around with different sourdough recipes I have been searching and researching the internet, my recipe box and cookbooks for help. (We love this new baking habit we have formed. Something we are doing as a family at least once a week, 3 times this week. By the way, this is the best recipe for bread from King Arthur.) While exploring the King Arthur website I saw this crock and couldn’t believe what I saw! It is a sourdough starter crock to preserve your starter in an efficient manner in the fridge, instead of hogging all the space with a bowl! So great to give purpose back to the crock!

Also, we’ve had this thing leaning against a wall in at least 2 houses now. Three + years in the current house. Love this thing, never have hung it nor used it. Have always wanted to put purpose back into it but just one of those things that we never got to. Finally, I asked MRB for some help and in no time was she up and running. It’s an antique wall mounted clothes rack. In use as we speak!

Do you have things that you have given back its purpose? Or that, like us, looking for the chance to be given purpose? Look around, let me know!


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