holiday prep

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What are you getting into this fine wednesday, day before thanksgiving? Are you traveling? Preparing for your own guest? Prepping the feast?

It is a cold, gloomy kind of day here but we have managed to follow suit with bringing in the holiday spirit. We began brining the turkey this morning (this year we went with a beer brine, you can see the recipe here. We have had really good luck with brining in the past. I will let you know how the beer brine turns out.).

We also got the fire going, the hot chocolate brewed, a christmas story in the ol dvd player and the apple pie from scratch in the oven. It will be a small, mellow thanksgiving for us but the food will still be grand! The menu will be typical fair with a flair. The beer brined turkey, mashed potatoes with sour cream and horseradish, roasted brussel sprouts, and traditional stuffing. Plus, that yummy apple pie for dessert.

I don’t know about you but I enjoy the holidays. The decorating, the gathering of family and friends, the cooking, the eating and the drinking. We haven’t pulled the holiday decorations yet but they will be dusted off real soon. In the next few weeks we have a few gatherings to look forward to, music to wiggle to and family to giggle too! How about you?

As for tomorrow, the day I view as the day that really kicks it all off,  the house will be filled with the parade as the background noise, the giggle of the little one running around and chinking of the wine glasses for all the thanks we have to give!



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