one last hoorah!

We thought we would give it one last go, head out to the woods in the van and camp. Yesterday afternoon we headed to the Curtis Creek Campground (by the way the crow flies it is right over the ridge from our house but by mans way you have to drive through asheville to old fort and enter pisgah forest there) Parked and played.

Of course, the campground is only open for 4 more days and it was quiet. Although, we did meet an older couple from burlington, nc up for the weekend. That was it. Us, the dogs, the birds, the creek and the very quiet couple at the end of the lane. We knew the weather was going to begin turning today so we got out and in fast!

Such a blast. We spent most of the time piddling on the creek bank, RCB riding the push bike and snuggling with the pups by the fire. (who were ever so grateful for the treat. however, i did happen to shed a big boohoo of tears not having nate dog there. he was my camping buddy. he loved it! non-the-less, cassidy is a camping champ too so she was a superb role model for the other two pups!)

We did it all. Roasted hot dogs over the fire. Roasted marshmallows and smothered our faces in s’mores. Built the raging fire and layered up for bed time!

Now we are back anticipating the rain in the forecast, baking bread, doodling in the doodle book and still snuggling

Hope you all had a fantastic break. Enjoy the week ahead. I look forward to seeing what we can find this week!



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