Ho Ho Ho

Browsed the internet for gift ideas yesterday and really found some neat things. Thought I would share these budget friendly gift ideas for those family members and friends that you just can’t think what to get.

What I found:

-This is really a neat idea. Encourage those city dwelling family and friends to ride their bikes.

-I love Pacifica scents. I currently wear the spanish amber but really enjoy all the easy flavors they offer.

-These essential oils really will transform the room with their aroma. Plus, these oils also have health benefits.

-I thought these would be great for any beverage consuming male in the group. Cheers!

-I think these boards from green river works are gorgeous! This is a good gift for that difficult to find a gift for person in your  life. Functional art!

-Do you have a writer in your life? This is a cool journal.

-Simple, affordable and cute. Tusk Me.

-And for that baker in your life this is groovy way to store your baked goods. Specifically bread!

Plus, go here to see a links to Design Mom’s giveaway week. Really nice ideas! You never know, you might win something for yourself!



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