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liki faire

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This product and company are worth mentioning. These gals will be featuring different artist designs with different materials from different countries. The best part, they are doing it to help provide sustainability, fair trade, confidence, healthier enviroments and food to communities all around the world. You are going to want to watch these sisters. They are going to bring amazing things to us. And, if you know Kira (and I can only imagine that Lili is similar), then you know that this project is genuine. Truly a work from the heart.

Hear it for yourself in their own words:

“People are beautiful. Throughout the world, people struggle to meet their basic needs of food, water, shelter, and education, putting immense pressure on resources and humanity’s ability to collectively lead healthy, happy, and sustainable lives. In Chile, a common saying is, “Bread tonight, starve tomorrow.” Thus, it is the commitment of LiKi FAIRE that for every item purchased, one nutritious, delicious dinner will be provided to a person of the artesan’s community that needs it. With this step to assure basic needs, the people of the world will be empowered to make decisions that will sustain and better their environment, health and culture for not only today, but for all of the generations of tomorrow.”



gift of travel

Unscramble the message.

First word: A Direction

Second word: What you call the place where you walk on by a lake

Third word: A State

These were the instructions given to us on Christmas morning. I am so very grateful for such a giving and thoughtful husband. He continually goes out of his way to cure my ever aching travel bug. Not to mention caring for my sea legs!

I have been saying for a long time that I do not want to give or take gifts. I want to travel. I want our little gal to see and experience the greater world out there. So, here it begins. We will start here!

Have you figured it out?

Have you been to the North Shore? If so, any recommendations on activities, spots to see, places to eat, people to meet?

Thank you MRB for your generous, exciting gift. I look forward to a winter of planning!!


oxford farms

(Please note that all photos are property of sweet musings from the cove and may not be used or duplicated)

Thanks to the late Birdie Mae Barrett-Dunn, my paternal grandmother, we know our family genealogy. A significant amount. She searched for 30 + years so she could share with her children, grandchildren and her 1 great-grandchild their ancestory.

For example, we know that we have at least four Cherokee grandmother’s. The first Grandmother’s name was Little Panther, the second was renamed Ruth to fit more with the style of her English husband.We also know that the very first Barrett that settled in America bought 200 acres in the Paint Fork Valley of Buncombe County. Details. She tried her best to get as many details as possible.

I did not know she had done all this work until my last visit with her. My daughter and I stopped in for lunch on our way home. She was 92 years old. She pulled all her books out to show me. I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for her sharing and her hard work.

Over the holiday it all really hit home for me and my Dad. On Christmas Eve morning RCB, Erin, Andy and I headed over to the B&B that our family was staying in just one mile up the road on Ox Creek. (MRB was left to nurse a cold. After all, the grill master had to get well before the grilling that evening) We were promised a tour of the grounds, a visit with a calf, turkeys, chickens, peacocks (40 or more of them), cows, sheep and a donkey. Who wouldn’t want a tour on a gorgeous, sunny, cool morning of and equally gorgeous property with people you know and love?

We entered the house and my father led me to an article on the wall. As I read the article my heart and eyes welled up with tears of joy and sadness. The joy was that a Dr. J.G. Barrett was the original owner of the farm. He built the house. The deep sadness was the reality of just how much I miss my grandmother. My gratitude for all of her hard work was reignited.

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winter solstice

Happy Solstice!!

Today (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere in the EST time zone) the sun is setting on the shortest day/longest night of the year. It is a moment to celebrate time, mother nature and an awaking. After today the sun will begin to stay up a little bit more each day.

Take the time to bask. Stop and listen to the earth, to it’s center, the core. Watch the sun, its shadows.

In the meantime, here is an article that tells you everything you need to know about winter solstice. Sip some tea (or a hot toddy if you are feeling under the weather)!

The gorgeous photos where found at

Once you are done pondering solstice check out the links to these really neat sites:

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another chance

Ok Folks! If you missed the chance for the last Mountain Rose Herbals Giveaway then here is another chance. Another scrumptious giveaway.

Here is this weeks list of giveaway goodies:

Here’s this week’s big prize…

32oz Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
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1lb Organic Arrowroot Powder
8oz Organic Hemp Seeds
2oz Organic Vanilla Flavor Extract
1lb Himalayan Pink Salt
The Herbal Kitchen by Kami McBride

So head on over and win yourself more fantastic inventory!!


operation sourdough pancakes

Finally, the sourdough pancakes a success.

Remember when I mentioned that I tried the recipe linked above and it just ended up being a flat buttery, salt cake? Tasted amazing but was just all wrong? Well, apparently all it took was a little direction following, prep and an overnight sponge to make moist, flavorful, hit with the kid pancakes.

The sponge prep is extremely easy to prep. You simply let it sit overnight, add a few ingredients when ready to make (the melted butter and salt) and griddle away. If you happen to have a waffle griddle, these would be amazing waffles!

One of my favorite things about working with sourdough is the time it requires for prep. For the bread you let it rise for a total of two and half hours prior to baking. The pancakes, the overnight sponge. You care for the starter, feed it, almost like it is a pet! Sourdough takes you back to the times when things were slower paced. Required attention. When you were involved with your food.

As for the holidays, “lets do the damn thing.” (Guess the movie I have quoted and I will send you a virtual hi-five :)) We’ve got the decorations up, lights on the tree glowing, the tenderloin ready to marinate and the pie crust prepped.

I am really looking forward to folks arriving on friday, catching up with everyone and simply being merry. We’ve got a meal planned for the grill (wasn’t kidding about the shrimp on the barbie). Beef tenderloin, shrimp, grilled asparagus, roasted beets and potatoes, stuffing for tradition, from scratch apple pie, pumpkin pecan pie and even cupcakes!! We’ll start with a simple cheese fondue with white wine.

I hope wherever you are that you are happy, merry and ready to be jolly!