december thus far

(Photo of Grandma Birdie’s old cookie jar and the 4 dozen maple brown sugar granola cookies we baked this morning)

We made it to the annual cookie exchange today, it was full of scrumptious goodies, laughter and merriment. Our little gal met her match, a new friend, a year and a half her elder. The two gals chatted, romped in the bamboo forest, climbed the tree piles and read books in the cubbie. They were content for hours. (That is not a sentence that normally is said about the age of 4!) We also won the drawing for a cookie tin! So fun to win stuff!

We made it up to the ski mountain. Finally have introduced another sport we so dearly love, yet managed to ignore for too long, to RCB. While she is slightly overwhelmed with this fast paced activity called downhill sking, she is asking for more. We can’t wait to get her back out there. It is a whole other way to spend time together in what could be a long winter!

Settling in to rest for a bit before we pick back up on the holiday activities and winter delights. Think we will finally get a tree this week. It is about time we got festive around here!

Hope you are festive and having fun!



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