What’s on tap

The weather has finally turned, well a little, colder. We did get a beautiful sprinkle of snow last night that got the child and animals fired up with sheer joy. But before it snowed there was copious amounts of rainfall that filled the creeks and rivers with thrilling speeds of water.

The husband, awesome as he is, piled us in the little red car during the said torrential downpour and drove us to the tree lot. With the trailer attached we loaded a Madison County Frasier Fir (root ball intact) up and tied it down. Now his gals are tickled pink, well green really, with our beautiful tree waiting to be adorned with lights and ornaments. This will be the friday activity to share with RCB now that she is back home on Wednesdays and Fridays.

As for today we’ve been working, mailing and running errands. We are gathering goods to grill with our friends that we get to see only about once every other month. The menu consist of Turkey Burgers with Feta and black olives, roasted sweet and fingerling potatoes, asparagus crepes and a variety of beer to sample. Plus, the bounty of cookies from the cookie exchange!

We have been enjoying the build your own six pack lately. Not the body building kind of six pack, the beer kind. We were in a slight beer rut. Sampling a beer before purchasing six is smart but really it is fun to see what you are going to get next. A few days ago we sampled (and liked) the New Belgium Winter Ale, Woodchuck Cider, Full Sail IPA, an Oregon IPA that is slipping my mind at the moment but extremely tasty, Highland Porter (playing it safe by keeping something we know we like in the mix), and Stella Artois.

Tonight we are going beyond the six pack and tasting a slew of what promises to be palate pleasing variety. We will report on these beverages tomorrow:

Wherever you are or may be doing, I hope that your tap is overflowing!



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