sunday, sunday

Will be taking Ansley’s homemade apple sauce and making these today.

Erin shared this recipe with me a while ago and Ansley had actually used the recipe. Needless to say they were a hit with RCB. The beautiful jar of homemade sauce has been glaring me down the past few days. It is time!

This morning we tried our hands at these. We were going for the pancakes. They were flat, with buttery, salty chunks. Tasted wonderful. Mama just got ahead of herself and didn’t let the starter get to room tempeture. So when the butter hit the batter is congealed. Next time I know 🙂

The rest of the morning has been filled with christmas shopping from the comfort of my new, cushy couch. I am an online shopper. I will step into a shop or two for a few things but primarily, we are in good with the UPS man! He even brings our dogs treats! So let the deliveries begin.

Later today we will gather at the big house for cocktails and gingerbread houses. Then off to Vinnie’s for an Italian Family style meal to celebrate Poffie’s belated birthday.

It is chilly out, the sun is shinning, the carols are ringing through the house. We are merry. How about you?



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