final days of fall

The parkway was closed via the North route just at the top of Ox Creek. There is usually, always, a commuter section south from Ox Creek toward asheville that remains open for most of the winter. We drove up, parked at the gate, got the dog strapped up, kid suited up and headed for a stroll thru the closed section. This is a treat for locals to hike, walk, bike without vehicle traffic. As locals, we were taking advantage of the warmth and quiet.

However, to our delight, the ranger came and opened the gate. With the unusually high temps predicted for the next week or so there is no threat of ice or snow in the higher elevation. We scurried to the car, headed north and hiked on our favorite little trail at Craggy Gardens.

Even with the trees bare, the mountains are gorgeous. The rock it springing with joy tons of moisture and streams. The trail was muddy due to the springs overflow. Beautiful. Quiet. Peaceful. Happy.

Today we will choose indoor activities as the sky is threatening the afternoon showers that have been promised. I’m thinking a few loaves of sourdough, wrap a few gifts, read books, fold the mound of laundry (I tend to save that for not inviting days outside) and finish the last bit of decorating we wanted to do!

As for Indie…

Still there!

Wherever you are make sure to step out and enjoy the final days of fall!



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