biscuits and gravy

It has been a while since we have found a good breakfast spot, with top notch food, good  coffee and a comfortable atmosphere. You know, the local, organic meats, and eggs. Made from scratch buttermilk biscuits. Strong coffee.

Wait, I am not making myself clear. We have more than one amazing breakfast dining option in Asheville. As a matter of fact, it is a thing to do if you live here. Or in Black Mountain, Weaverville, Fairview, Burnsville even. You drive into town on Saturday or Sunday morning to get a local, made from scratch, your grandma has competition breakfast.

Pre-child days we were there with the best of them chugging on Bloody Mary’s and smothering our faces in the gravy. Of course, you can go to breakfast with your kid. And we do. It is just sometimes, with a kid, you have to eat NOW. Not 20, 30, 40+ minutes from now. Which is what your waiting time to get a table at these awesome breakfast joints in Asheville will be.

We have actually gotten pretty good at making pancakes with sausage, or the traditional country breakfast with eggs, bacon and sourdough toast. It is a guarantee to see these meals on Saturday or Sunday. Sometimes both mornings. This morning, however, we were desiring an atmosphere outside the cove. Remembering the last time we unsuccessfully tried to attend breakfast we came up with the plan to search outside the comfort zone for some delicious bites.

We searched Marshall, Weaverville, even into Mars Hill and Burnsville. Nothing we were finding was suiting our fancy. Then the lightbulb went off and I remembered a joint that our buddy Spencer Brown over at Rabbit Killer Hot Sauce recommended at least over a year ago. It was located in Woodfin. Seriously, 8 minutes max from our house. We pass this place every time we head into North Asheville. Every time I pass it I think, “I really want to try that place out!”

Yes, my friends, we FINALLY tried the little, cozy, breakfast joint in Woodfin. Where have we been? Walked right in, sat right down. Even knew the server from our early days of Boone. She actually served at our favorite breakfast joint in Boone. I knew then we were in a good place.

I hesitate to tell you the name. Even considered giving you a scavenger hunt in order to find out where it is. It is one of the last few places that hasn’t gained immense popularity but should have. However, I believe in supporting local. I want them to be successful. They have to have customers to be successful. And really, it is only a matter of time before everyone else knows.

So, next time you have a hankering for a homemade breakfast or even scratch made lunch, possily dinner (definitely check out the menu) head over to…

The Newbridge Cafe

(click on logo for facebook page)

While you are there, make sure to ask for some hot sauce!


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