operation sourdough pancakes

Finally, the sourdough pancakes a success.

Remember when I mentioned that I tried the recipe linked above and it just ended up being a flat buttery, salt cake? Tasted amazing but was just all wrong? Well, apparently all it took was a little direction following, prep and an overnight sponge to make moist, flavorful, hit with the kid pancakes.

The sponge prep is extremely easy to prep. You simply let it sit overnight, add a few ingredients when ready to make (the melted butter and salt) and griddle away. If you happen to have a waffle griddle, these would be amazing waffles!

One of my favorite things about working with sourdough is the time it requires for prep. For the bread you let it rise for a total of two and half hours prior to baking. The pancakes, the overnight sponge. You care for the starter, feed it, almost like it is a pet! Sourdough takes you back to the times when things were slower paced. Required attention. When you were involved with your food.

As for the holidays, “lets do the damn thing.” (Guess the movie I have quoted and I will send you a virtual hi-five :)) We’ve got the decorations up, lights on the tree glowing, the tenderloin ready to marinate and the pie crust prepped.

I am really looking forward to folks arriving on friday, catching up with everyone and simply being merry. We’ve got a meal planned for the grill (wasn’t kidding about the shrimp on the barbie). Beef tenderloin, shrimp, grilled asparagus, roasted beets and potatoes, stuffing for tradition, from scratch apple pie, pumpkin pecan pie and even cupcakes!! We’ll start with a simple cheese fondue with white wine.

I hope wherever you are that you are happy, merry and ready to be jolly!



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