liki faire

(Click on Logo to visit their website)

This product and company are worth mentioning. These gals will be featuring different artist designs with different materials from different countries. The best part, they are doing it to help provide sustainability, fair trade, confidence, healthier enviroments and food to communities all around the world. You are going to want to watch these sisters. They are going to bring amazing things to us. And, if you know Kira (and I can only imagine that Lili is similar), then you know that this project is genuine. Truly a work from the heart.

Hear it for yourself in their own words:

“People are beautiful. Throughout the world, people struggle to meet their basic needs of food, water, shelter, and education, putting immense pressure on resources and humanity’s ability to collectively lead healthy, happy, and sustainable lives. In Chile, a common saying is, “Bread tonight, starve tomorrow.” Thus, it is the commitment of LiKi FAIRE that for every item purchased, one nutritious, delicious dinner will be provided to a person of the artesan’s community that needs it. With this step to assure basic needs, the people of the world will be empowered to make decisions that will sustain and better their environment, health and culture for not only today, but for all of the generations of tomorrow.”



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