growing up

I don’t know about you but it was cold in the cove today. I mean, bitter, to the bone, wind cuts through you cold. Look out the window, find total indoor entertainment kind of cold. Blustery. Cold. So, that is exactly what we have been doing today. Staying inside.

After being able to scoot away for the new year weekend down to the coast for some 65 degree sunny beach days, family time and an eastern style pig pickin’, we got back just in time to get the root ball frasier fir in the ground. She is in her spot, ready to shine. Quite honestly, it’s beautiful. It really adds a nice element to the property, ready to grow up.

Speaking of growing up (and bitter cold), RCB’s room took on a new look today. So sophisticated! We plan to do a makeover of her room this spring but this is a great place to start. We focused on her current interest which are (outside of  of being outside or traveling) books, music (any version of it. Singing, guitar, drums, more singing, dancing, more singing, chimes…) writing and typing, whether it be computer or typewriter. Santa gifted her with an old school typewriter so now she has her own work space. When we are working, she has her own space to work as well. She loves it! Check it out.

We also got a batch of sourdough, banana bread and orange zest scones baked. Sent the hubs up the mountain for some mountain time while we gals nurse the little ones minor earache and care for the pups. We are all in snuggled in!

Wherever you are I hope that you are snuggled up or basking in the sun! Either way, I hope you are happy!



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