simple musings

Things are currently quiet here in the cove. The rush of the holidays have finally passed, school is back in session and the customers are knocking on our door. We’ve been playing catch up but mostly just the three of us chilling.

Thought I would share some things that I’ve enjoyed reading this week! Hope you find something in these musings as well!

-This article is sweet and inspiring. This lady lets nothing get in her way!

These sound delicious. The butcher ground our trimmings from our holiday tenderloin and I think they are awaiting to be blended with cumin and coriander.

-I have been feeling just the slightest bit under the weather. Not really sick, my body is just thinking about it. This sounds like exactly what I need.

– I love honey. Here are some fun facts about honey (like that it never goes bad. Even traces of honey in king tuts tomb are still considered edible!!) and honey bath & beauty uses.

-We’ve learned quickly that the Food Trucks on Oahu’s North Shore are a must eat while on the island. And this one has the reputation of being the best. We are so there!

I have more musings to share but apparently I have been “working all day” according the child! (Not so, she is just ready to have her turn on the computer!! ) So, I will leave you with these for now. We will share again soon!

I hope you are well!


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