2012 csa

I honestly can’t believe it is time again already to start thinking about our spring/summer/fall CSA. I am sure you are asking yourself, really? This early? Well, yes. If not, you will not get a spot. These CSA’s can get filled up quickly.

So, as promised, we went on a hunt to find a CSA nearer to our home. Well folks, we did not have to hunt for long, nor far. We actually have sampled this farms vegetables all last summer. Their Farmer’s Market table is always beautiful and abundant! At the end of the season last year we casually asked if they had a CSA and naturally they do.

I am so excited to be a part of the Ivy Creek Family Farm CSA. They are located directly over the ridge. As a matter of fact, their community connects with our community at the ridge top. We are talking 10 minute MAX drive. Of course, we chose to pick up at the farm for our various favorite reasons. One being that we enjoy connecting to the land that the food is grown on that we eat. Plus, seeing and meeting the farmers in their territory, it is overwhelming the appreciation we have for these folks.

We are off. Set for the CSA. We have joined. My mind is already swarming with the thought of bright, juicy fruits and vegetables!


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