(Photo from food and think blog post on 5 things to do with persimmons)

For some time now I have wanted to explore the bewitching fruit called persimmons. Much like the pomegranate for me (although, now that we have dived into the world of pomegranate, there is no turning back. We simply eat the seeds. It is a craft but it is so worth it), the persimmons is something I have never eaten, much less had lying around my kitchen. How about you, do you do persimmons? What are your thoughts? Are they as sweet and savory to your taste buds as they sound?

As much as I have wanted to educate myself on this delectable berry I have not actually taken the time to research ways to prepare it. Lucky me, I just happen to run across this great post over on smithsonian magazine blog, Food and Think. These seem like friendly ways to ease yourself into the world of persimmons. Baby steps for adding them to your plate and palate. The salsa and grilled fish combo has my mouth watering! Or the cocktail….

Let me know what you do with persimmons, maybe I will try it!



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