over the rainbow

We’ve had a significant amount of rain the last few days. I remember the fall we moved to Asheville, the winter following was mild and rainy just like this. We loved it because we paddled ALL THE TIME.  (That’s another post…)

Yesterday was the mac daddy of rainy days. It poured. Thunder and lightening. Creek in the backyard raging. Then, out of nowhere the sun shown bright in the cove. Bright. Blinding you with its intensity while it was still dumping rain. Immediately I started going to all the windows and peeking my head out the door looking for the tale tell sign of rain and sun combination.

And there it was. Vibrant. Beautiful. Mesmerizing.

I began shouting like a little kid. “A RAINBOW, A RAINBOW.” All work stopped, all games paused, all noise silenced for a moment as we admired one of mother nature’s true work of art. As we paused I welled up with gratitude and joy. I love the rainbow. So magical!

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Once more, a deep appreciation to mother nature for one of her many wonders!



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