pallet garden

I love this idea of using a pallet as a garden. Although we have plenty of deck space and gardening space (which we are planning to build up this spring. More on that later.) I still have a place that would be perfect for this vertical garden.

(photos and idea pulled from Progressive Pioneer Blog)

I am thinking of packing it with herbs to enhance the small plot allotted for our herb garden. The sky’s the limit!

Here is the tutorial on how to build your pallet garden. Here are more photos.

Here are also some nice ways to bring the green inside. I think these are beautiful!

As for this chilled winter saturday morning, the cartoons are blaring, the coffee cup never reaches the bottom and the snuggles from child and animals are galore. Quite lovely. Once the sun reaches high noon we will get out to take in its rays and expel some energy. Maybe a ride over to our national park? See here for free park access in your area.

On a completely random note, I’ve been digging the movie, “How to train your Dragon.” I have to have one. My own Dragon. Although, toothless and indie cat have some spooky similarities! Don’t you think?…


happy winter days my friends!



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