scarfing it up

Even though the weather has been completely up, down and all around this winter I still have managed to find a few days to wear the scarf my “cousin who’s like a sister to me” gave me for christmas. The colors are exactly my colors, the yarn is soothing and soft and the length gives me flexibility to tie it numerous ways.

Finally, a scarf to call my own!

As for the Martin Luther King Weekend we spent some quality family time snuggled up in Banner Elk whilst drinking hot chocolate by the fire watching the snow fall. Also managed to get Little Miss out for her third day at the slopes. She’s got it! Although, she got discouraged after she rode the magic carpet by the ski school and the run was not fast, nor long, enough for her!! Here’s looking at our future! Fast, long mountain runs!

I can you tell you right now that my days are numbered before she is out-skiing me!!

The rest of the week has hubs back at the mountain to get a few more days in before the rain and warmer temps washes much of it away, taxes to be filed and letter sounds to be learned! ( RCB is starting to read just a bit. So exciting!)

Whatever you have planned for the week, find a way to make it grand!



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