hallelujah moment

Have you ever just had a moment that you have been working towards for a long time then you finally get there? Then, once you get there all you can do is jump for sheer joy, stand in aw of the completion?! Well, one of those moments that I have been working towards was our daughters closet. No, seriously! Ask my husband and he would probably say politely that the closet has been a slight obsession for some time now!

We have used her closet since the day we moved in as toy storage, turned clubhouse room. (She has the only walk-in closet in the house!) The only problem was that both sides of the closet were piled full of boxes (boxes full of amazing toys in great condition from my husbands childhood) and there was no shelving or place to actually store the toys. Plus, being an only child and only grandchild on both sides leaves her not without! See where I am going with this?

Crammed, piled, disorganized, disheveled, you name it. It was bad! So yesterday and today all three of us emptied, sorted, organized and cleaned the begrudged closet. Boxes of old amazing toys are to be taken to the building, a place we can properly sort through the items, old broken toys recycled and the remaining has a place to rest when not in use.

It feels good! Finally, RCB can actually see all the fantastic toys, instruments and books she has. Being diligent to follow through with cleanup has gone pretty well for today. It should be easier at least to clean up once messed up, as opposed to opening the closet door and tossing it in!

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You probably know this about me by now too, but I really like to use what we’ve already got if at all possible. After hunting for different shelving for the big closet and the small storage closet in our great room I quickly realized that the hunt wasn’t going far fast. It was either too bulky in depth or too short in height.  Then we realized after some time that we have a set of industrial shelves at the shipping facility that are hardly used and may work perfectly. We were in luck and they are exactly the right depth and height for both spaces.

I have heard several people say that January is a time of renewal. A sort of month that brings on the urge for some early spring cleaning. When I heard this I thought this folks were crazy, not me! Now look at me, I am on fire! Ready to clean top to bottom!

Happy early spring cleaning friends!


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