bakery tour

(Photo from shay brown events)

When we travel from our home in Western North Carolina to Eastern North Carolina, whether it’s to visit family or looking for the golden beaches of the Outerbanks, we like to explore the state while out and about. We’ve been to most, if not all, REI’s in NC, we know a lot of the Micro Breweries and now have our favorites but not once did I ever think to look for specialty bakeries in many of the towns we pass.

Highlighted in the current Our State Magazine are highly credited but maybe not so well known bakeries throughout the State. Well known in their communities but not to a simple passerby. Now I’m looking for excuses to head east in hopes to map a trail to these delicious venues!

Starting in Asheville we will go to The Sisters McMullen (who says we can’t start with a taster in our neighborhood?).  Just as our hair has had enough time to blow in the breeze of I40 East and the belly has settled we are just in time for a quick stop for a slice of famous cheesecakes with Cheesecakes by Alex.  In Burlington we would have to try a famous donut at Paul’s Pastry Shop and a serious slice of pie at the Rosebriar in Albemarle. (At this point we are just now to the triangle area!) I will have to steal the family for some sweet time at the Hayes Barton Cafe and Dessertery in Raleigh. Or even a cake run in Bailey at Bailey Cafe. (exactly half way between my folks and Grandma Iris!!)

Okay, so maybe it’s not realistic to do them all in one or even two days. Plus, this is only a jab at the list of 13 reviewed. We will have to choose one spot each trip. After all, we do head east often! This is just another way to explore and taste our way to family and fun!

If you are in any of these areas or neighborhoods, make sure to check them out. They sound divine!

Happy Sugar Hunting!



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