the alternative

When our babies are babies and we are up to our eyeballs in diaper changes we, as responsible humans, look for ways to lesson the impact that these cute-as-a button beings tend to have on the environment. We decide whether we will use cloth or flushable/compostable diapers. We decide to breastfeed or use glass bottles for feeding. We choose down to the type of fibers they wear and detergent to use for them. We even decide whether or not to use disposable wipes or reusable ones.

What about adults? Why aren’t we as diligent about such things for ourselves as we are for our children? Sure, the cost of organic clothing is astronomical and we don’t need to be breastfed. We do use glass containers for storage of any and everything, use the same dishes all day, we recycle, turn the lights off, run the heat low (or burn a fire in the fireplace), carpool as much as possible, run errands all at once as often as possible, compost, buy local food from local farmers, etc. But there is always more we can do.

Use less paper. Currently, to use less paper, we make our list and notes on the ever loved (or loathed) i-phone, and take our reusable grocery bags everywhere we go (if we find ourselves without a bag we opt for paper). If we do have to use paper we use the same piece for as long as there is space on it and find the bamboo paper on sale for the printer and child use. Then shred and recycle or compst once finished with it. But there is still more to be done.

Now I am wondering what to do about the paper for our bums. I remember our Friends, Susannah and Chad, used reusable wipes for their babies bums when they were diapering and followed suit with our little gal once I saw their system. However, I didn’t put much thought into extending it into our daily habit once diapering was complete. We were rejoicing the day she used the potty on her own and focused on choices for our child that we neglected, on some level, ourselves.

Yep, my friends, I think we are going to begin exploring this option for our family. Eliminating toilet paper from our grocery list and go green with reusable wipes. We will, most definitely, keep paper on hand for our guest. I would not expect everyone to adopt the same choice for themselves but for us, everyday, we will not use paper.

After some research (really didn’t have to look far) we found some different options. I really liked this one…

Although, I believe with the right material choices we can adapt the same idea and create/make our own system. There is also the idea to purchase the system to introduce it to the family, ease ourselves into the change. As we become more comfortable and confident in the system we can then adapt, create and make our own system.

How do you use less? We are always looking for ways to lessen our carbon footprint. Something we show and strongly express to our child. We can start now to educate our youth. The next generation. Our future leaders.



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