Have you seen this yet?

Worded perfectly by Gabrielle Blair,  a collection of compelling stories, policy-changing ideas, and gorgeous artwork from more than 60 countries. It’s incredibly eye-opening to hear from mothers of all ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and drastically different cultures talk about motherhood.

A beautiful mural of life and choices of mother’s from all around. Even though we are oceans apart we have many of the same concerns and choices to make for our children. How we get to motherhood, however, is not always the same.

Mama to be has the same energy and feeling of the movie that came out two years ago about Babies from four different countries. Intriguing, adorable, precious and a familiar feeling it has you falling in love at first sight with the simplicity of human nature.

Wherever you find yourself this weekend, whether you are a mother, mother-to-be or not to be, I hope that you are happy. May all things be grand!



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