contrast lighting

Whew! What a week! It has been a busy, yet incredible week chez Briere! I will fill you in on the details of a busy work week another time. I just wanted to check in and say hello!

We are hunkering down for a few days of brisk, cold weather (finally) and possibly a flurry of snow. The sled is on standby just in case! As the sourdough pancakes crackle in the pan and the hot coffee waifs through the air I thought I would show you these photos I took a couple of days ago.

I love the contrast of a dark sky with a beam of bright sunlight peaking through. It is is demanding of my time. It requires that I sit still for a moment to admire. So Bold! We were driving (and pretty fast) but once you get past the blur you can appreciate and admire the color!

As for the weekend, while hunkering down, I think we will work on Valentine’s to pass out at school next week. We don’t usually partake in the Valentine Holiday, never have. We try to show affection often so one day a year isn’t necessary! However, it is important to allow the kiddos the opportunity to share and express love for their friendships. Plus, it is always a fun and happy mid-winter craft. I saw these last week and fell in love with them! (Stick with me folks!) I really like the bug one but the Wild about you have me going crazy too!! I really like that there is not candy involved but a least a little gift of cuteness!

Love Bug Valentine

Wild For You Valentine

It is good to be back! I hope that you are all well and whatever this weekend has you doing, I hope it is full of all things fantastic!



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