After a successful day at EORA we left with a bag full of goodies. But the best prize of all was the delivery of our new GoLite Footwear shoes by the UPS man today! I received a pair of the ladies Sail Lite shoes and mrb received the Dart Lite.

These are trail running/hiking shoes! Seriously! I can get off the trail and still look good for the pub!! I have a thing for boat shoes and these mesh my mountain world to my salt water style. Not to mention they are completely comfortable, extremely light and satisfying for the wanna be shoe hoarder in me! The serious technology is in the flex of the sole. As you walk/run on rocks the shoes shape to the object, not rigid. Then the cushion to protect the foot while flexing is soft and supporting without a bunch of bulk. This makes it super light!

I really look forward to the river shoe that is in collaboration as we speak. Get this my river loving friends, they will fit in your playboat!! We got a glimpse and they look stellar!  I am looking forward to seeing these in production.

We can’t thank Jody Linehan, GoLite product manager and Gavin Rains of Let it Rain, for such a generous gift! Thank you gentlemen! As I sit now in my Sail Lite shoes I daydream of boardwalks and sailboats. I’ll take them on the trail tomorrow!!



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