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My friend Ansley and I were talking last week about how normally this time of year is a time of stillness and reflection. A reflection of our thoughts and dreams. A time to create a plan to bring our dreams to a reality.

This winter, however, has done nothing but stir our imaginations and energy. We feel like we should be doing something. Making things happen. Like the bees we see trying to get busy with pollination but it is a tad bit too early for all of us to expect any major results.

I am itching to get our herb garden planted. MRB and I have both been talking crazy talk like chickens, and bees and a garden. I mean, it isn’t too far fetched of an idea. After all, I am a farmer’s daughter, granddaughter, sister, great granddaughter, etc. It is bound to leech out of my blood at some point. But with this continuous warmth I have an itch that I just can’t scratch!

In the meantime, while we wait patiently for mother nature to do her business we are spending all the time outside we can. Today, we walked the acre a few times. Played in the creek. Admired the landscape we are so blessed to have. I mostly love having our sprout along to share the joy of tromping around the woods and splashing in the water with our rain boots on.

Plus, Cassidy isn’t tapped into the invisible fence so it is extra sweet to have her along. Her younger days in Banner Elk were spent running for hours with Logan, Hannah and Sugaree (who knows where they ended up half of the time) and walking the woods/mountains/trails with us any time the sun was shining. I could tell she felt the nostalgia of days past too!

As we walk and admire we day dream of our future with fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. Maybe even a few chickens as pets and hive to bring us the liquid gold! One can always dream of great things! We will start small. Learn with each new, exciting step.



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