one of us

I never thought I would see the day when Chi-Si (the white dog) would be basking in the sun with Stack (The Calico Cat).

When Chi-Si moved in with us, leaving the comfort of her doggie studio as a single pup at my in-laws to the slightly more rowdy bunch of dogs that like to spend a majority of their time romping outside, she was in a bit of shock. All dogs in the situation, including Chi-si, know each other very well and have all spent multiple days as a pack together. (The in-laws dog sat often, leaving chi-si counting the days they left her in peace!) Still, moving in full-time was not what she signed up for.

On top of that she was not used to sharing any sort of space, in our out, with a cat. Much less 2 of them! Needless to say, the cats had to watch their every move around the new member. (FYI: Our felines are pretty confident that they are in fact not cats but dogs with feline benefits, and hold their own position in the canine pack) They, too, were not thrilled about the transition.

However, nearly two years have passed. In that two years, lots of romping, barking, petting, playing fetch in the yard has happened. Even some food directly off the child’s plate has been handed over specifically to Chi-Si. Slowly but surely Chi-Si has recognized the benefits of being in this pack. For some time now she has willingly offered up attention and kindness to us human kind. But not the cats.

She came to a point where she simply ignored them. Didn’t bother them with her presence and didn’t acknowledge theirs. Until yesterday. Well, I’m not so sure that she was acknowledging Stack but she didn’t excuse herself from the scene and no snapping was involved. As for Stack, she was in pure Bliss. She’s too old to care what that young one thinks. She is just grateful for the sunshine and its purity. Maybe Chi-Si took note and followed suit!

Looks like they all followed suit!

Finally, one of us and she wants to be!



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