I like music. I love to listen to all sorts of different genres and styles of music. I am not so good at keeping up with trending music, unfortunately. However, I feel really fortunate when I do hear something and it touches the music senses, creating hair balls (or what most people call goosebumps).

With all the Grammy talk recently I continued to hear this name, “Adele”. Adele won this, Adele won that, Adele is amazing. I started wondering who this Adele person is. (Before I go any further, I am sure you are all gawking at the idea of not knowing this musician. It is simply an act I have fallen out of, this listening to music all the time. It happens when your radio and CD player get hijacked with Mickey tunes and Disney radio!)

I finally sat down and put her name in the the itunes search. Really? I can’t believe I have not heard her voice over the radio waves yet. It is rich, sultry and just plain beautiful. Nice to add some new tunes to the repertoire. Take a listen. What do you think? Is she over played in your musical universe? Or do you choose to listen to her on a regular bases? Or, by any chance, is this your first you’ve heard of her?

As I write this I am recollecting someone telling me I would like her….Sorry, for the face or voice of the person has not been recollected with the conversation. Still, thank you! I do like Adele!


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