first step

We will read. That is the first step in the direction of developing our property into something more sustainable. A piece of land we can retrieve nourishment from. With that transformation we are looking to incorporate more homesteading projects into our lifestyle. For example, our baby step started with making the sourdough starter and continuing with the same starter we make up to 4 loaves a week. Depleting bread from our grocery list. Now comfortable with this practice we are ready to add another to our list.

First, though, we will need to read and learn what it will actually take to incorporate the practices we have in mind. There are so many things to consider that these four books elaborate like resourcing, time, affects on our current stock of animals and finances. We have to evaluate what is realistic for our household and the lifestyle we currently maintain.

So to get us started, MRB ordered my long time friend Ashley English’s book series called Homemade Living. She has taken the time to write precisely what you will need to get started and continue healthy practices in Keeping Chickens, Keeping Bees, Canning & Preserving and Home Dairy. She shares her personal experience and gives you an opportunity to evaluate the potential of  your own.

I can’t wait to dive into these enticing books. While I have big dreams of Bee Keeping and having our flock of girls to tend to in our future I do believe that home dairy AND canning are practices we can add to our immediate future. The books are beautifully appointed, organized and easy to understand. Already, I feel confident that we can do this.

As for a garden, we have decided to start the herb garden in the ground, start our potted garden back up and continue with the CSA and farmer’s market for our extra/other needs. This will ease us back into a garden, giving us the flexibility to travel as planned this summer and providing enough back up produce for any additional canning needs.

I look forward to sharing and showing you my own experiences, joys and I’m sure some frustration as we learn. I am excited to be a part of a community that is supportive of homesteading practices. There are so many resources for help and further education.  Mostly, I am thrilled to be sticking my nose into incredible winter reading!



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