don’t forget to share

Hey all! Just wanted to update you on the giveaway over on WakaWai’s FaceBook Page.

(This is the old post)

The numbers are close and the contest is fierce! Folks are excited!

 Remember, GoPro, while geared towards outdoor enthusiast, doesn’t mean it has to be used for extreme sports videography. It can also be used to capture family moments in a whole new, fun perspective. The new family photo album that frames that sweet smile or deep belly laugh. For example, we like to mount our camera to a pole while hiking, bike riding, kayaking, driving, etc. We chase RCB and the dog up the trail, or chase the new shiny, pink bike she rides. The possibilities are wide open. Chase your chickens, mount while gardening then edit it to time lapse (i love this feature), capture the first steps, swimming in the ocean as a family, even cooking!

Or, film your bird feeder…

My point is, get yourself entered into the contest to win this thing, ‘for freeeeeee’! Don’t limit yourself .

Follow the instructions and make sure to share with your friends!



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