deep breath

(photo from my i-phone of the sunshine beaming through the plate of olive oil onto the wall)

Another successfully busy week! Got the taxes off to the accountant, cleared and cleaned out the herb garden, and a few other exciting business opportunities that I will share with you soon! A great week!

The weather is just amazing! March 1st and we will hit 67 degrees today!! I am pretty sure the ski equipment will be put up for the winter and the gardening tools will get dusted off. Planning on getting some seeds started before we leave the mainland at the end of the month and will start the rest when we return. I have been picking Ansley’s brilliant garden brain and reading as many books as I can find the time to pick up. Still daydreaming of the day we have chickens and bees!

As for the weekend, lil miss and I will be showering my dear Grandmother Iris with songs and love. She is slipping fast into Dementia. Sweet lady. While away I am sure we will sneak some belly rubbing time with Eribug and chase Whiskey and Martini (my brother’s sweet, adorable, huggable, lovable yellow labs) till they can run no longer. We will take the good with the not so good and bask in the presence of family!

Wherever you are and whatever you may do, I hope you are happy! I will see you back here next week!



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