the not so pretty

There is absolutely nothing glorious or glamorous about cleaning an incredibly cruddy oven! I can pretend that our roasted vegetables don’t have a burnt bacon accent to them or that the sourdough bread doesn’t have a crunchy cheese topping that I did not put on there. At some point though, you have to commit and conquer.

So, this morning I did just that! With the sourdough batch waiting in the background to bake I rolled my sleeves up and got down to the grime of cleaning the oven. And believe it or not there were some really sweet, positive moments that mellowed out the moaning and groaning. With the child sitting attentively on the floor next to me with a bowl full of freshly popped popcorn, we had grand conversations about mother nature, dinosaurs and baby goats (we get to head over to the school this morning to visit with baby goats that are being brought in for the class to see!). She was curious as a monkey watching the baking soda work with vinegar water. She was amazed that the soapy water sopped up the gook (me too!).  The simple things in life can be so amazing!

As for the weekend, we couldn’t be more content with the visit with the fam. The day we arrived we were greeted with 75 degree weather and a pleasant sunset. Immediately we stepped out the car, grabbed Kaleb (the families 15 year old pup) and traced the farm road behind the house for an evening stroll. A great way to kick off the visit! Friday and Saturday we were met with rainy days. Non the less, we filled them with visits and fun. I have to say it was a pleasure to take RCB to a the IMAX 3D theatre to watch The Lorax on Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Her first movie theatre experience and it was joyful to see her physically move with the  3D action on screen! There are so many highlights from the weekend that I don’t even know where to finish! From Grandma Iris to Lee Dunn (my brother) to cooking every morning with my Dad, it was just delightful!

As for the week ahead, we will continue to put our noses to the grindstone! In the meantime, we will make sure to find the delights in the not so delightful task!!



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