the great kitty rescue

Who would have thought that a wicker laundry basket, a rescue throw rope, soft towel and a little serving of tuna could rescue a terrified, confused, chased 30+ feet up a tree cat!

When MRB stepped out to put the pups to bed, turn the studio lights off and shut the house down for the night he heard stressed cries from one of our beloved, pampered pets. He quickly realized that Indie, our Indie, the one who is always there wherever I go Indie, was up in a tree. Way up in a tree. Wondering how the hell such a pampered, fat cat (sorry indie) could get that high up in a tall tree with limbs that are above roof line of both our house and studio!

Well, we know how, we just didn’t know she had it in her! Proud of her natural instinct to get her out of harms way from the rowdy neighbor dog that looks for every opportunity to chase our cats. However, that natural instinct did not kick in to get her back down the tree once the danger was long gone and tucked in bed himself. So, we tried what all good pet owners would do. We got the 24 foot ladder out and climbed to the highest rung, reached as far as we could reach (we both took several turns), begging for the scared, sweet critter to jump into our arms as they were nowhere near close to her!

When that didn’t work for a solid 45 minutes of trying I ran in the house thinking that surely the local fire dept. would be thrilled to help a poor kitty out of the tree at 10:45 PM. When, actually, I got laughed at and was explained that legally the fire dept. couldn’t help!! So much for that!

That is when I started to panic, just slightly, internally. Already tired from the day, we were trying to figure out a way to create a platform for her to jump on to, then maybe get her in my arms but nothing we were coming up with was realistic, or safe for that matter!

My natural instinct was to ignore her, allow her a little time to coax herself down. When Stack was younger she would find herself panicked in high places but would always get herself down. However, she was born and raised a barn cat for the first year of her life and remained undomesticated for some time after that (who would have thought, huh). So, we did just that. Called for her one more time, encouraged her to find strength and said goodnight. Indie knows that when the porch light goes off that we are not available to let her in so, usually if she’s out, she scrambles to the door to get in for the night.

Every 10 minutes I was checking the door, which was making the situation worse, I’m sure! At that point I resorted to the internet for ideas. I don’t usually like this because you always get the worst case scenario that fuels the already existing anxiety. Like, the reason arborist often offer a cat retrieval service is because most often than not they find carcus in trees from undiscovered cats. Seriously! Way to freak me out! Also, a cats health risk spike after about 5 hours of distress, lack of food and water!!

Thank goodness we read about the kitty in a basket before we got too further into research. We gathered our material, set the alarm to allow her a little longer to try to get down herself and waited.  Needless to say, Indie was still in the tree at 1:30AM. Poor kitty.

We got to it and with my husbands amazing throw rope abilities (I apparently have lost that skill I’m ashamed to say) we had the basket in the tree right under her just after three tries!! (The first two were successful throws but not close enough for Indies little, shaky body to be confident enough to maneuver herself into the basket). Still terrified, Indie eventually couldn’t resist the scent of fresh tuna waifing and plopped herself right into the basket!! Relief! For all of us.

So, today is low key. Aside from bookkeeping and book reading, we are keeping it quiet! Indie is sleeping head to head with Stack, I am brewing hot tea to mingle in the yard with the child till the rain comes and MRB is at the dentist! He is the unluckiest of us all!!

I did can the lemon curd. I will share that with you soon. There was a reason I had never made lemon curd before….I could eat a whole jar in one sitting it is so good!  In the meantime, pamper your pet and read up now on rescue techniques for the inevitable moment of dispair!!

Happy Monday Friends!


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