walk the line

What a fantastic day! With the morning starting off mild and inviting we found ourselves outside immediately participating in all things outdoors! Of course, work was on the agenda but it was wonderful to weave in and out of work to balance the day with child, garden and animals.

We dove feet and hands into the compost bins today. We really got down and dirty turning and stirring the two bins that have been composting all winter with the occasional stir (since it has been so mild). It was beautiful! We saw some of the fattest, happiest worms I have ever seen. The compost on the left is perfect and ready to be used for the herb garden that we will build once we return to the mainland.  It really churned our excitement of future things to grow.

We also pulled out the favored Santa gift that has yet to be used. The slackline! We were not slack and it was hard to walk the line! However, it was amazing and tons of fun. It was put up around lunchtime. We went in and out throughout the day, took turns trying to master the craft and eventually, we did. Well, sort of! We at least got a bit further each time! After one last run after dinner we cleaned it up and talked about all the places we will go!

It feels good. It feels good to start looking forward to our spring. It feels good to talk about what we are going to do and what we want to do. New growth and new possibilities!



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