urban chickens

(photo from The Outer Banks Voice)

What are your thoughts on backyard chickens? Do you feel that they pose a problem and a nuisance? Or are you an advocate that agrees there are many benefits for having your own flock?

I am pleased to read and see that there are movements all across the United States leaning towards a more sustainable country. Even something as simple as taking it to the board to change an ordinance. It is the small steps we take that string together one big change.

Like this couple in Kill Devil Hills, NC, they are calmly requesting a change to give them the choice to raise chickens. Just like the board facing the decision, we should take the time to learn and educate ourselves about simple homesteading task. If you are interested in having your own hens, learn your options. Pros and Cons of chickens. Can you have chickens according to the law? And quite simply, the eggs are so good!



4 responses to “urban chickens

  • Young Wifey

    I grew up in a suburb of a large city, and we were allowed to have chickens there. Now, I live in a development (with larger lots) in a rural farm area and we’re not allow to have chickens. 😦 I drive on a rural route to work and have to stop often due to the chikens, turkeys, cows and etc… that are in the road.

    Something I’m more curious about if whether or not people wash the eggs the collect…

    • sweetcovemusings

      Hi Young Wifey!

      While I am not, by any means, an expert on chickens I do know that you do not have to clean your eggs if you collect them soon enough. There are ways to keep the coup clean that will in turn keep the eggs clean. Plus, eggs have a natural antibacterial coating called Bloom. Although, if you were to find your eggs really dirty or covered in another broken egg, there are ways to clean them without harming the coating. Thanks for stopping in and hope this helps!

  • hard boiled « sweet musings from the cove

    […] Remember this post a while back regarding the request for local property owners in Kill Devil Hills, NC to have the choice to maintain a max of six backyard chickens if they wanted? Here is the follow up article and current status of the votes… […]

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