honey do you?

We use honey in our house on and in everything. You will find it slathered on fresh out of the oven sourdough (or three day old sourdough, doesn’t matter), baked in goods, drizzled on yogurt, dolloped in a cup of tea, dripping from a spoon. We love to eat honey!

But, did you know, that honey has health benefits too? It is a natural energy booster, an immune system builder, and also a remedy for ailments. Any time we feel a scratch on our throats, a sniffle in our nose, or the slightest sign of being run down we head for the honey. We even choose an elderberry syrup with a honey base because we are so confident in its power. It has been used for a long time and has always been praised for its health benefits.

Now, happily, there are studies coming out confirming its strength. A recent clinical study suggests honey is better than OTC drugs when treating colds in children!! (via lilapops.com) See here for details.

Power to the honey!



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