…Well, almost. As the week continues rolling through we are cleaning up some last minute work orders and gathering the little stuff we will need for the 10 hour flight from ATL to Honolulu!! I think I am going to have to blog regarding survival techniques for the 4 year old! We’ve got movies, coloring books, 3 types of card games, more movies, more books and a window seat!!

She is a fantastic traveler (first road trip to Colorado at 10 months old). She will do fine and make friends along the way but one must always be prepared to fill in the gaps. She can add this one to her travel resume!

As for the blog, I naturally will not be posting very often. There may be a rainy day post here and there but no promises! However, if you want to peep in every now and then you can check here for our photo postings on instagram. You can follow our photo journey!

Otherwise, I will see you back here in a few weeks! I look forward to catching up when we return!


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