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i haven’t forgotten you

My friends! It is so good to be back here with you. I have to say last week was one of the craziest weeks I have had in a really long time. We usually maintain a steady buzz of busyness around here but throw in a sick dog, plus another dog needing specialty vet attention AND getting ready for a surprise birthday party.

Let me tell you, the chocolate dog is not doing well. I am crying on a regular bases simply for my love for her. They go from 6 weeks to 13 years in the snap of a finger. The Vizsla is acting and feeling great but weird things are popping up on her that would make anyone feel the urgency to get it fixed!! As I try to sit in yoga to calm my center I still feel anxiety creeping in. Then on top of that the birthday boy was 2 1/2 hours late for his three hour birthday party. As really it is no big deal I am still deeply saddened that he didn’t get to celebrate with all the people who have known him and adored him during his 40 years.

He is a good man though! As he sensed my sorrow he put the family in the car yesterday to pick out fruit trees to plant! He also measured the space for our chicken coop. Then openly expressed that he feels the sorrow, then asked that we move forward. Lets get chickens and trees because that is what you really want. Melts my heart! I love you Michael Briere! And yes, lets move forward!

So, that is where we are. Getting caught up on paperwork. Making Indie get off the desk so she won’t mess up my papers. Watching the sun in the spots we want to plant the trees. Picking out a chicken coop. Planning and pining for the next day Michael and I get to go to the river together. Deciding what our daughter may want for lunch. Getting the tools out to prep the herb garden with her. Stopping to sit with Cassidy every 45 minutes. Playing with Kaya. Waiting for the biopsy results. And still, living and loving life!



heading into the weekend

Finally, we are finding a slight bit of normalcy in our lives! We got a loaf of yummy, delicious sourdough bread made, we made it to Highland Brewery for our slotted thirsty thursdays with the Wheelers and got out of bed at 6:00a.m. Although, and admittedly I’m enjoying it, our child is going to bed 2 hours later than prior to our holiday and sleeping in two hours later. So we actually had coffee and a conversation just us two Briere’s to start our day. It was pleasant and most desirable.  With the days longer it makes since to play in the yard a little later, eat later and sleep later!

As we head into the weekend I will leave you with the song I’ve been singing in my head all week. Love the album, Amplify, from John Brown’s Body as a whole and the song Sky Juice is stuck!

(don’t forget to join us May 26 to see these guys live)

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!



I am feeling good about the sourdough starter.  Admittedly, as we locked the doors and kissed our animals goodbye for our two week trip I was silently saying farewell to the now 6 month old starter. The starter that gave me confidence that I can bake. I can start something from scratch and feed my family and friends with something I helped create. On the plane, I confessed to my husband the chance that it will not survive.

When we arrived home, in our cloud mind state, I ignored the starter for a few days. With guilt each time I opened the refrigerator to grab something besides the starter crock, I would whisper silently a promise that I would return. Finally, two days ago, I opened the doors with all attention geared towards, most likely, throwing the stale starter out and starting from scratch again.

However, when I pried the lid open I was not surprised by the dull liquid layer on the top but that it didn’t smell “off”. It seemed to just be sleeping. So before I just toss all those months of fermenting in the compost I decided to see what would happen. I left the crock on the counter for one and a half days for room temperature. And the ritual was revived. Stir the resting starter, remove one cup, replace/feed with one cup of fresh water and one cup of all purpose flour. Friends, with pure joy, her bubbles began percolating immediately!!

The plan now is to let it ferment on the counter for another day. Let her bask in her glory a bit. Will try tomorrow for the first loaf in over a month! I think it is going to be good!

As for today, thrilled to be heading to the Weaverville Farmer’s Market this afternoon! Also, just received a notice from the farm that our first CSA box of 2012 will be ready next thursday! I love spring! Ready for the fresh, local bounty to grace our table again! While we still ever so slightly long for the warm, beach days of Hawaii, we are definitely fortunate to come home to all the joy and happiness abound!

May your life be full too!



what a doozy

Friends, what jet lag! This family has a way whacked schedule. The poor kid, we’ve gone to bed at 2:00 am both nights. Slept till 12:00 noon yesterday. Michael and I pulled ourselves out of bed at 9:00am this morning determined to battle our confused minds and bodies. How do you get a child on board? You don’t. You let their body and mind work through it as long as it takes. So, she is still sleeping!

Although, we concocted a plan that involves heavy, physical, fun activities, after dinner, pre-bed. Like a long bike ride and a tool around the park! I suppose that is a way to encourage her body/mind to leave the 6 hour time difference behind. Wear it out!! 🙂 I’ll let you know!

Jet lag or not, we are still amped to be home. Both of us fired up about chickens, plotting the property for our future coop, as well as other landscape plans we have had up our sleeves for years but never executed! We walked the 1 acre yesterday and mapped out possibilities. Why the big deal? What’s the excitement? Mostly that for our nearly 12 year relationship (celebrated 9 years of marriage on the 11th) we have been on the go people. Always looking for a new place to discover, live, play. Our time was always spent finding a new river to paddle or a new pub to taste.

Fortunately, our kid has slowed us down. She has kindly forced us into a pleasant flow and hum of a schedule. For the first time, we have actually slowed down to smell the roses. And, my friends, we have discovered that we love this place. We really love our home, our community and the opportunities here. We want our roots to grow deeper. As always when you travel you appreciate home but this time, we are ready to dig into the dirt. Help our own paradise flourish!

I hope you are all well! I look forward to sharing more with you when my brain gets a proper reboot! While I break out the blender to make a coconut, mango, banana smoothie, make sure to take the time to inspire your mind, body, heart and soul!


plentiful harvest

We’ve managed to avoid eating junk and grunge on this holiday. Lucky enough to find the Haleiwa Farmers Market after three days of being here, plus privileged to have the ladies laying enough eggs to supply breakfast and, as mentioned before, fruit and avocados from the tree. What the ladies can’t provide (there are only three of them and several people vying for their supply!) we are able to supplement with those $8.00/dz eggs from the farmers market.

Tonight was the cream of the crop. After a day in the sun, an evening in the rain and walking the 100 steps up to the treehouse several times it is refreshing to have a plentiful, healthy meal. We made the Raw Kale Salad (now a family fav) with organic kale, raisins and mixed raw/unsalted nuts, quick steamed asparagus, red potatoes sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan cheese and a few slices of salami, italian style. For the slurping kind we made a pineapple, mango smoothie with coconut water.

Our days are counting down to our return. We look forward to capturing as much of the local harvest as we can before we return to our non-tropical roots. Coconuts, coconuts and more coconuts! Not to mention the organic bananas freshly harvested….

Well, the sun has magically appeared just in time for sunset. Will grab the wine and head to the deck. In the meantime, click on the photo below to see the rainbow we saw today!

bee alert

One can always stop what they are doing, even on holiday, to do a kind gesture for the ever loving, busy bees. Bee alert! Take a moment to read the petition. If you would be so kind, please sign.

Click the article for link to petition.

Thank you in advance!



I finally sat down this afternoon and emailed my mom. What I wrote to her is so truthful to our holiday, thus far…

“All I have to say is YOU MUST COME HERE. Come to the North Shore  and stay in this treehouse! (Did I mention we are staying in a 250 sq foot treehouse with a 200 sq foot deck above Sunset Beach?) It is so awesome. Just since thursday we have seen the sunset on the Pacific every night, I did yoga on the yoga deck at sunset last night with the treehouse neighbors visiting from Argentina, we saw turtles swimming today, a whale off shore, swam in crystal clear water for two hours this afternoon, made smoothies with fresh, local fruit, attended the local farmers market ($8.00 for a dozen local organic eggs, yikes!) and have drunk coconut water straight from the coconut twice. We picked three avocados from the tree this morning, have been picking bananas from the tree everyday, we get to feed three chickens our food scraps every day, play with two adorable, sweet pups and listen to the roosters a block away, plus the sound of the famous Sunset Beach right across the street. It is pretty amazing. For a first trip to Hawaii this is pretty spectacular. Most people stick to Waikiki, trendy, expensive Hawaii but the North Shore is where the beauty and lifestyle is.”

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