I finally sat down this afternoon and emailed my mom. What I wrote to her is so truthful to our holiday, thus far…

“All I have to say is YOU MUST COME HERE. Come to the North Shore  and stay in this treehouse! (Did I mention we are staying in a 250 sq foot treehouse with a 200 sq foot deck above Sunset Beach?) It is so awesome. Just since thursday we have seen the sunset on the Pacific every night, I did yoga on the yoga deck at sunset last night with the treehouse neighbors visiting from Argentina, we saw turtles swimming today, a whale off shore, swam in crystal clear water for two hours this afternoon, made smoothies with fresh, local fruit, attended the local farmers market ($8.00 for a dozen local organic eggs, yikes!) and have drunk coconut water straight from the coconut twice. We picked three avocados from the tree this morning, have been picking bananas from the tree everyday, we get to feed three chickens our food scraps every day, play with two adorable, sweet pups and listen to the roosters a block away, plus the sound of the famous Sunset Beach right across the street. It is pretty amazing. For a first trip to Hawaii this is pretty spectacular. Most people stick to Waikiki, trendy, expensive Hawaii but the North Shore is where the beauty and lifestyle is.”

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