plentiful harvest

We’ve managed to avoid eating junk and grunge on this holiday. Lucky enough to find the Haleiwa Farmers Market after three days of being here, plus privileged to have the ladies laying enough eggs to supply breakfast and, as mentioned before, fruit and avocados from the tree. What the ladies can’t provide (there are only three of them and several people vying for their supply!) we are able to supplement with those $8.00/dz eggs from the farmers market.

Tonight was the cream of the crop. After a day in the sun, an evening in the rain and walking the 100 steps up to the treehouse several times it is refreshing to have a plentiful, healthy meal. We made the Raw Kale Salad (now a family fav) with organic kale, raisins and mixed raw/unsalted nuts, quick steamed asparagus, red potatoes sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan cheese and a few slices of salami, italian style. For the slurping kind we made a pineapple, mango smoothie with coconut water.

Our days are counting down to our return. We look forward to capturing as much of the local harvest as we can before we return to our non-tropical roots. Coconuts, coconuts and more coconuts! Not to mention the organic bananas freshly harvested….

Well, the sun has magically appeared just in time for sunset. Will grab the wine and head to the deck. In the meantime, click on the photo below to see the rainbow we saw today!

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