I am feeling good about the sourdough starter.  Admittedly, as we locked the doors and kissed our animals goodbye for our two week trip I was silently saying farewell to the now 6 month old starter. The starter that gave me confidence that I can bake. I can start something from scratch and feed my family and friends with something I helped create. On the plane, I confessed to my husband the chance that it will not survive.

When we arrived home, in our cloud mind state, I ignored the starter for a few days. With guilt each time I opened the refrigerator to grab something besides the starter crock, I would whisper silently a promise that I would return. Finally, two days ago, I opened the doors with all attention geared towards, most likely, throwing the stale starter out and starting from scratch again.

However, when I pried the lid open I was not surprised by the dull liquid layer on the top but that it didn’t smell “off”. It seemed to just be sleeping. So before I just toss all those months of fermenting in the compost I decided to see what would happen. I left the crock on the counter for one and a half days for room temperature. And the ritual was revived. Stir the resting starter, remove one cup, replace/feed with one cup of fresh water and one cup of all purpose flour. Friends, with pure joy, her bubbles began percolating immediately!!

The plan now is to let it ferment on the counter for another day. Let her bask in her glory a bit. Will try tomorrow for the first loaf in over a month! I think it is going to be good!

As for today, thrilled to be heading to the Weaverville Farmer’s Market this afternoon! Also, just received a notice from the farm that our first CSA box of 2012 will be ready next thursday! I love spring! Ready for the fresh, local bounty to grace our table again! While we still ever so slightly long for the warm, beach days of Hawaii, we are definitely fortunate to come home to all the joy and happiness abound!

May your life be full too!



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