holy shiitake

I can’t believe that I haven’t told you about our first CSA box for this season!! It started one week earlier than anticipated due to the strawberries coming in! I can’t believe we are already slurping fresh, local, organic strawberries. And they are just as delicious as we remember them.

I will have t0 say that I was blown away by the first box. It was full and quite heavy for it being this early in the season. We have a big bag of spinach, Pac Choi, Red Russian Kale, green onions, a bunch of turnips, popping corn and thyme. But what I really was surprised by and most certainly enjoyed were the shiitake mushrooms. It is a change of pace. It was like opening a gift on christmas morning!

I shared my joy with our chef and nutritionist friend, Spencer Brown. Immediately he shared his thoughts on the best way to prepare shiitake. Oh. my. god. Sooooo good. Crunchy, yet meaty, earthy flavors flew around in my mouth. The best part, it is extremely easy. Goes a little something like this…

Slice mushrooms down the center, through the stem. Sprinkle the mushrooms with sea salt, pepper, a little olive oil and toasted sesame oil. Roast in the oven to desired texture. We chopped the mushrooms and put them on top of the spinach with walnuts, cranberries and a little bit of parmesan. I made a balsamic vinaigrette infused with the fresh thyme. Just. so. good.

Here’s to a delicious season! Cheers!



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