family farm

I didn’t get to ride out to the new farm  last week to pick up our first CSA box as I was at the vet (for 18 hours) with our Viszla. So, this week my husband loaded me in the car (yep, he’s good at that) and we started heading over the ridge to the new farm. Well, new to us.

The further we rode the more my mind and body began to relax. Around each curve on the road the beauty of our community unfolded in the trees and fields. The sun gleaming through the new leaves was breathtaking. With in no time, we were there. Rural Appalachia. Miles from the highway and the fast pace of the other world. Even our cove looked busy compared to this quiet, peaceful farm. It is absolutely beautiful.

It is simple yet full of energy and new growth. The sign hardly visible. A sweet shed springing with newly picked greens and a chalk board announcing that we all get fresh cut flowers this week. The Ivy Creek runs directly behind the old, original farmhouse that the family runs the CSA out of. Bright sun, mellowing sounds of the creek and the smell of spring in full swing. I was content as a kid in a candy store.

As I stood on the bridge looking down at the creek waiting for our freshly picked veggies to be pulled out of the cooler I thought, this is how it should be for everyone. We should all be able to go to our neighbors house to pull from the garden (when invited, of course). We should all have the privilege to eat fresh, local, seasonal, organic, ingredients. I love knowing exactly where my food comes from and who is growing it! I hope for a day that local and organic are not elite. That it is something we all can choose and can all afford.

Thanks to the Ivy Creek Family Farm for letting us into your CSA family. The radishes are already eaten and the strawberries have an appointment with a treat for our daughter when she gets home!

(Photos that the family farm sent to us with the weekly newsletter)

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