greens, greens, nothing but greens…

This early in the season we end up with a scrumptious load of greens. The challenge, keeping the greens from wilting too fast. We try to make several meals out of our box and this time of year makes it a welcomed scramble!

Firstly, we cut the bottoms of all the greens and place in a cup of water. Our fridge looks like a bouquet of green! Then, I begin to plan each piece of vegetables future. Of course, the lettuce will become a large dinner salad topped with radishes, strawberries and other such garden sundries that appear in the box. The kale becomes the kale salad, etc.

Sometimes though we end up with an abundance of the same green. We then have to become creative as to not eat the same thing over and over again. Although what we make is by no means boring to the palate, it is simply fun to find new and different ways to please it! And this week we ended up with quickly wilting swiss chard and an extra bunch of kale.

So we decided to do pesto! Traditionally pesto is made with basil but did you know that you can use any green, really. Same base ingredients of garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. Add in the greens and presto, you’ve got a rich, powerful, mouthwatering pesto. I love the flair that swiss chard brings to the sauce and the kale adds (beyond its nutrients) a thicker texture. We use the pesto with cheese and crackers. Tonight, we will ornate our orzo pasta with avocados, onions, black olives and now, the pesto. Very versatile. Very Good! I have no measurement, nor a recipe I follow. I go by look and taste! So have fun with it!

Also, here are a few other recipes we have tried this week. Take the time to try them out. You won’t be disappointed!

Can’t believe the turnip gratin! Simply Amazing!! And the Carrot Cake was the best birthday cake EVER!

Happy Eats my friends!



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