a step back

The truth is, reality bites sometimes. What matters though is how you take the bitter and deal with it. Our reality of a seriously bad diagnosis for our Vizsla, the money to get the diagnosis and to buy us a little time drained the coop and landscape fund. It’s okay, it happens. It is worth it, no doubt. What we have to do at this point is take a step back and refocus. We are completely positive and moving forward everyday!

Back to the basic plan A we have turned. No, not as grand but just as exciting. Raeglan and I plotted out a spot in our flower beds last fall and built a small rock wall to frame it. We have cleaned the weeds out several times, with a final cleaning yesterday. We’ve got some seedlings growing of Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Rosemary and a few tomato plants. We will be getting the soil to fill it this weekend and some compost from the bin to mix in. It is going to be beautiful! It is going to smell heavenly at the bottom of the deck. Our lavender is already radiating its essential scent throughout the yard. The chives are rooted and happily at home. Something to grow. A way to get our hands dirty. Motivation and inspiration toward our other landscaping projects.

So, for now, we will put the plans on the middle burner. Making sure not to push them too far back. We have accepted that this is just what happens sometimes. Life. We will continue to wait and build on our plans! Happily with our healing pup and joyful kiddo!

Here’s to a plot full of happy herbs and healthy dogs!

FYI- The Chocolate Lab, Cassidy, who was close to her own death bed has decided she IS NOT going anywhere. She has fully recovered from what we know was a Seizure (one or two a spring for the past two years. While those will not kill her, the toll they take on her is intense and hard on those old bones. After all, she did just turn 13 on the the 2nd) That dog has more lives than a cat! They are welcomed, adored, appreciated and I am grateful!



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